Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Facebook live video streaming is talk of the town! Know more from Revwiretech

As we all know that Facebook has been improvising its services with new additions ever since its inception in 2004. If we look at the current Facebook, it has got many new arms and is totally different from the initial version.  So, the new arm to Facebook which is creating ripples in social media is live video streaming. Especially, LIVE is the best way to interact with the followers or viewers on a real time basis.

Right from political figures to film celebs, prominent figures are sharing their views on social media these days and their followers found them to be the best platforms to interact with their beloved personality. It is an opportunity to answer the followers’ questions, know their feedback and gauge the live reactions. It is equally an opportunity for the fans or followers to know their celeb’s mind and status.  

Users can get a notification about a live video from their celeb. If they log in to Facebook at the stipulated time, they can find a red icon at the top left corner of the video significantly indicating that the video is live and the word ‘live’ is also found next to the icon. Once users participate in the streaming, it automatically ends once the celeb signs off. If you still have any issues in using the feature, approach Revwiretech, the premium technical support company at (844) 995 5433 to get more details.

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