Friday, 28 April 2017

Does a technical support company offers service across brands?

We generally happen to hear about technical support services or support companies on online platforms when we try to find solutions for the computer problems we encounter on our systems. I want to take the help for few of the enduring technical issues I have been facing with my computers from long time. It is just that there is no one to help me through these dormant issues.

However, one of my friends has helped me by giving me the number of a reputed technical support company called Revwiretech. When I tried contacting them for the first with a suspicious mind, the polite customer service associate took all my doubts in his stride and eliminated them with perfect answers for all the issues my machine has been infested with.

Yes!! They work on machines across brands as I got my computer and laptop worked upon which belong to two different brands. They have also given me an advice on the third laptop I have which is another brand for prevention of future errors. I was absolutely satisfied and the price I paid for those services is nothing in comparison with the convenience I got by getting rid of the issues. The price paid was for an annual service and it gave me a solace that I can contact Revwire tech at 8448989966 for multiple other issues in the entire year.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Try these steps for jammed printers before calling Revwiretech

Printers contribute to the largest part of information technology’s robust growth with the ability to spread the information through print publications. A smooth flowing printer can ease up the work and an printer which jams papers may be on the contrary with a messed up job with half-done issues. Revwire Tech’s printer support service technicians suggest the following tips when a printer gets jammed. Let’s look into them for easy going printers.

  • Turn the printing machine off and start it all over again.
  • Ensure that the printer is set on a flat surface without any hurdles.
  • Foreign bodies such as coins, paper clips, rubber bands, needles etc. may be the cause of a jam. Check for the reasons in the input tray .
  • Remove the obstacles if they are found to ensure the printer has no stoppages.
  • Clean the paper rollers to make sure there are no tilted rolls and that the flow is smooth 
  • Reset the printing machine to start it afresh.

If it still does not work, call the printer support service at Revwiretech to get the needful for reviving the printer. Our dedicated printer support service team will ensure that your printer works in no time with their seasoned expertise. Call us at (844) 898-9966!!