Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Revwiretech’s Standard Operating Procedure in Troubleshooting

Revwiretech has grown up to be a huge brand in technical support niche in a short span of time. It has garnered a lot of eye balls with its premium support services across the nations worldwide and is still geared up to foray into the other parts of the world to establish the brand on a higher note. Irrespective of what country it is working for, it always has a standard operating procedure when it comes to resolving a technical issue of a customer who seeks our service by contacting us. We take every call to the core to satisfy our customers as we realize they trust in us and it can never be betrayed. Let’s go through the standard procedure with which we resolve the technical issues.

·         Diagnose and evaluate the issue level: Our seasoned technical support representatives are experts enough to diagnose the hardest of complex issues in minutes of time with basic screening. Once the issue is identified, it will be evaluated with relevant tools as to understand the root cause of the problem. If the source is identified, it becomes easier to decipher the entire issue. The techie will categorize the issue to the designated levels and then appear the various means of solving the issue in front of the representative.

·         Measure the customers’ tech level: Before evaluating the issue, we would try to understand the customer’s level in understanding technology. With this, we will be able to ascertain whether the customer will resolve the case on their own or we need to take over the computer in a remote manner with cutting edge technology.

·         Remote handling: Once we assess the customer’s level, if necessary, we take over the customer’s computer to understand the situation. We use software such as team viewer to view the customers’ computer. The software enables us record the entire activity for quality monitoring purposes.

·         Check for previous support tickets: If there are any previous lodged tickets for the same issue or any other issue, we try to go through the notes left by the previous representative to understand the issue in a better manner. The history is mapped with the customers’ current issue and a better picture is derived. 

·         Take detailed notes on each case: We take down the notes on that particular issue to enable the next representative understand the case. It also enables us to keep track of the customers’ activities and issues with us.

·         Use user-friendly solutions: We keep the solutions simple so that it is easy for the user to understand and implement them to prevent impending issues. We also offer additional insights on the case to the customer to reduce their visits to us.

We at Revwiretech Inc. (844) 898 9966 ensure every call is being answered following these standards to achieve stupendous resolutions on the first attempt itself. This is what keeps us going and we are constantly striving to adopt better practices to enhance our services to an elevated level with an ultimate goal of satisfying the customer.

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