Monday, 3 April 2017

Revwiretech Warns a Security Threat if Tracking System Exposes User’s Profile

A security advisory exposes the design and technical defects of a GPS tracker device of late. The flaws allow access to the user’s sensitive data and remote resets. Known for tracking elderly, children and patients on areal time basis, these devices are used by the Governments as well as an alarm bell for people such as activists and journalists who work in high risk environments with a threat of being attacked or kidnapped.
Initially it might have been presumed that there must be a virus threat and it would be called off when an antivirus technical support such as Revwire tech is approached.However, there were as many as seven threats or flaws included in them.

Three of those issues can be exploited without authenticity which may lead to severe repercussions such as resetting the device to factory default settings remotely, changing the real tracking data and an entry to user information. Revwiretech (844)8989966 calls the end result very complicated and hence it needs an immediate addressing.

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